Expert website advice for regular people.

One Quick Question is a podcast brought to you by the staff at Infomedia, a website service company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Each week, we bring you a short episode answering a question asked by our clients. We want to demystify creating and maintaining websites to make it easier to perform in a digital space.

What’s Infomedia?

Infomedia has been around almost as long as the Internet has existed — we’ve been in the website design, development and service business for over 25 years (and yes, that’s longer than some of our staff members have been alive).

In that time, we’ve heard a lot of questions about how the internet works and how to make websites the best they can be. We find that so many people miss out on what a website could really offer them because they’re afraid their questions will make them look silly. On the other hand, a lot of the answers we hear from other blogs, podcasts and website providers are needlessly complicated and full of technical jargon — it’s no wonder people are confused.

Who’s Answering the Questions?

Our expert staff takes turns at the mic on One Quick Question. At Infomedia, one of our strengths is being knowledgeable AND relatable. It’s what our clients mention most in our Google Reviews, and it’s what we’re most proud of. With One Quick Question, we’re going through the questions we get most often and sharing short, to-the-point answers as a weekly podcast.

Our experts are our incredible staff here at Infomedia. Our host is Carrie Rollwagen. Carrie is our VP of Strategic Planning, and she’s also a passionate small business advocate; follow her other podcast, The Localist, for interviews and advice from other entrepreneurs.